Money for old hose

RECRE8 exists to help unemployed people help themselves get off the benefits system,through helping them create their own sustainable business. We are pleased to announce the recent launch of the first product in our range of upcycled goods; the Green Goddess Fire Hose Wallets received a great deal of interest at both the recent War and Peace Show in Kent and the Love Sheppey X Fair on the Isle of Sheppey. Both the product and the story behind the wallets and the RECRE8 Community Interest Company, captured the hearts and minds of the public and proved that we had struck the right chord.



This Limited Edition Green Goddess Fire Hose Wallet can either be purchased by clicking the secure PayPal “Buy Now” button or if you prefer you can purchase at Amazon for £14.99.

The wallets are made from old Green Goddess Fire Hoses that were commissioned between 1952 and 1956. Each hose was stencilled by the AFS with a unique serial number, date of issue, patent number and supplier details. The part of the hose with the original stencilling is used to make a one-off  laptop or messenger style bag. The rest of the hose is then used to make a limited edition run of unique and highly desirable wallets. Stencilled onto the wallet, in a distressed manor in keeping with the hose itself, are the serial number of the hose that it came from the and the date that the hose was commissioned.

The wallet is presented in a handmade box, made from waste cardboard boxes that are turned inside out and then lovingly cut and assembled by hand. We include an information card on where the hose was sourced and details about those involved in the design and manufacture of the wallets.

Each hose produces a limited edition run of wallets of between 180 and 205 wallets.  A total of 205 wallets were made from the hose serial number W205829, which was commissioned in October 1952 and also 181 wallets were made from the hose serial number W422679, which was commissioned in October 1956.

The hose fabric is made of canvass and coated internally with a thin rubber. We clean each hose, cut to size using an industrial cutting machine and then sew the internal lining and card pockets using a very durable rip-stop fabric. In-keeping with the nature of the Green Goddess heritage we use Green Khaki rip-stop for the main backing fabric and binding, with a black rip-stop fabric used to create the pockets inside the wallet.

These are very durable wallets and great either as a collectors item or for everyday use; what’s more they are guaranteed to be a conversation starter. They are a unique gift, with interesting provenance and great for those who like the unusual and distinctive, perhaps someone who is environmentally conscious or who is in to upcycled goods and of cause they make a perfect gift for fireman and those connected with the armed services.

Those wishing to purchase a wallet can find them here at Amazon for £14.99.

Other products in the pipeline include bags made from old car seat-belts, jewellery made from electronic circuit boards and components, furniture from pallets and bike wheels.

Upcycling isn’t a new trend, for centuries people have been making do and mending, or taking end-of-life products and breathing new life into them. In the past it would have been out of necessity but in the Western World’s consumer driven and disposable age it settled into more a domain for the hobbyists and craftspeople. However over the last few years we have seen a resurgence in the number of people taking interest in the art of upcycling (see google’s chart below showing interest over time). This renewed interest has been driven by a combination of the economy , a greater acceptance that we need to start considering how best to care for the environment and also, in a small way, a desire for people to standout from the crowd and own items with real distinction.


RECRE8 is the brainchild of Andrew Deeley, a semi-retired business man who was looking for a way to put something back into his local community on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.With a minimal budget of just under £2k he set about looking for a way to create a self-sustainable business that would act as a vessel to help inspire local young unemployed people that it was possible to break the mould and create value, “I wanted to focus peoples attention on manufacturing because most economic recoveries rely on manufacturing to kick-start growth. However, the cost of setting up manufacturing plants and bringing products to markets is prohibitive and so I needed to find away of doing things on a shoestring. It was then that I happened upon some upcycled products that were very marketable. It then hit on me that this could be a way forward and the pieces quickly fell into place.”

Proceeds from the sales of products from the RECRE8 stable get shared equitably between those that design, produce and sell the items. The RECRE8 C.I.C receives a contribution which goes towards obtaining materials to upcycle, tools and machinery to use to manufacture products, marketing of the brand and administrative running costs.

The aim is to create a surplus profit of which at minimum of 65% will be put into a small investment pot for the local community, that we will use to help kick-start businesses on the Isle of Sheppey, creating more jobs in the process.