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What is the RECRE8 brand?

Steampunk NecklaceIt’s more than a brand.

The RECRE8 brand works on two levels. At one level it symbolises a movement to RECRE8 a culture of manufacturing and innovation on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent and on another, it represents the output of some of the initiatives that fall out of the activities that RECRE8 engages in.


For example the RECRE8 upcycling centre will take everyday items that have come to the end of their useful life and RECRE8’s an entire new range of high quality, desirable and eco-friendly products.


Reusing materials in this way prevents waste finding its way into landfills or being shipped around the world unnecessarily. It also challenges our minds as to what can be RECRE8-ed with the materials that we source.



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Easy in, easy out light industry space.


Providing flexible workspace.

Finding workspace on Sheppey is difficult at the best of times. Once RECRE8 has its Upcycling Centre up and running it will set aside space for several light industrial workshops. These workshops will be made available on an easy in, easy out, low cost rental option. They will be reserved for micro-businesses with specific skills, tools and machinery that will support the wider RECRE8 community.


Craftsmen with metal working, welding, joinery, shot blasting, powder coating, spray painting and other trades that will compliment and support the RECRE8 upcycling initiative, will be invited to take up space.


Particular focus will be on finding micro-businesses with potential to grow and create jobs. In return for supporting the RECRE8 community, the RECRE8 business support team will assist these partners, helping them spot and seize any opportunities to grow their business.


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RECRE8 apprentice programme.

RECRE8 ApprenticeHanding down our skills.

RECRE8 aims to provide apprenticeship placements to at least 50 people each year. Working with The Island Partnership, who will administer the training programmes, RECRE8 will place an apprentice with each micro-business taking space in the RECRE8 Upcycling centre, as well as providing apprentice placements alongside the various RECRE8 roles.


Many sole traders and micro-businesses shy away from taking on apprentices because of the paperwork and red tape associated with the scheme. RECRE8, with the help of The Island Partnership, will take this burden away. We will handle all the application paperwork, document the training reviews and take care of all the administration, leaving the skilled craftsperson to focus on just passing on their skills.


The Island Partnership has for many years provided training to the long-term unemployed on Sheppey and so they are well placed to help ensure that we are able to deliver the best apprentice programme around.

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